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The first date is for many people a moment of great excitement, but also stress at the same time. You want to do your best, but you are afraid that you will do or say something wrong. And one more thing – how to dress in order to feel good, but also how to look good in the eyes of another person?

Of course, the best way to dress on a date depends on the place you have met and your plans for that time. Otherwise, we will dress for a walk in the park, a movie or a dinner in an expensive restaurant.

However, there are several ways to make a good impression on your partner in each of these situations:

Things that women should remember

Men are a relatively uncomplicated species and they don’t need much to be lucky. They are visual and there are a few features that they pay special attention to.

  • Highlight your figure

Currently fashionable, loose jackets unfortunately lose in the eyes of men with well-fitting and more feminine jackets. Any notches in the female body have an impact on men’s senses. But if it’s not the waist that’s your trump card, highlight something else – maybe black tights with a slim-fitting stitching at the back or a flared skirt?

  • Comfortable, but without exaggeration

It is important that you feel at ease and that your outfit does not restrict your movements, but remember about aesthetics. However, if you are wondering how to dress for a date, then tracksuit, trousers with a lower step, leggings or emu boots may not be the best choice, especially because men are not liked by them.

  • Remember about the extras

A costume is one thing, but often it is only the accessories that add “this something” to it. If you opt for a simple hairstyle, you can add a touch of extravagance to it with a more extravagant necklace or colourful bracelet.

However, if you like minimalism, opt for a delicate chain and small earrings, for example with zirconia, which will emphasize the glow of your eyes. All bracelets and rings may also attract attention during gestures during conversation.

Things men should remember

It may seem that the gentlemen are worse off in this case, because it is women who pay more attention to details. That is indeed the case, but remember that you are probably both a little nervous, and then it is easier to turn a blind eye to something. When you’re wondering how to dress for a date, remember a few things, and you will surely look great in your partner’s eyes.

  • Don’t be afraid of colours

Women have a better color sense and better memory for them, so they’ll appreciate it if you can get them right on the first date. Strong, vivid shades indicate an interesting personality, while the delicate and more pastel ones are associated with intimacy and sensitivity.

  • Maintain the proportions

It is said that men with symmetrical facial features are more attractive in the eyes of women. But if nature hasn’t given you that much, your outfit can make it look better – especially if it’s a blind date and your partner doesn’t know what you look like before.

Wear long collar shirts – the ends of the shirt will give your face a more symmetrical look. If you decide on a tie, tie it in a perfect triangle, or if you give it up, unbutton the first button on the shirt to optically lengthen the neck.

  • Opt for classic in the accessories

Women like men for whom confidence beats and catch signals of educational attainment and (potentially) good financial standing. The first things in your clothing they will notice are most likely shoes and watches, so if you have the opportunity, don’t spare them and make sure they look tidy.

Clothing is one of the aspects we look at and evaluate first, so it’s important that it’s clean, tidy and appropriate for the situation. But don’t worry if you’re not a master of colour matching or a master of matching accessories. You can always make up for it with a smile and make fun of it to relax the atmosphere.