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Will the driver be punished for not having a plaster in the car?

There are people who believe that smoking electronic cigarettes or, as they are called, vipes, is less harmful to health than using regular cigarettes. That is why these devices have gained some popularity. But letting artificial smoke in while driving can be very dangerous. What is dangerous for other road users is the car of a vaipe smoker, found out the portal “AvtoVzglyad”.

In the past few years, it is difficult not to meet at least once during a trip a car, from the interior of which periodically breaks out of a powerful club or smoke or steam – as if the main line of the cooling system of the motor has lost weight. Actually, there is nothing wrong with the car, its driver just smoked an e-cigarette.

We will not talk about the harm to the health of the smoker himself from these devices, although many experts believe that they are no less dangerous than traditional smoking products. How exactly to kill yourself is a personal matter. Let’s just say that there are enough countries in the world where electronic cigarettes are banned, or their turnover is very limited precisely because of the increased harm to health. However, it is much more important for us to find out if smoking such devices is not dangerous while driving.

The “smoke” of an e-cigarette is most often generated by the evaporation of glycerine or propylene glycol, stored in a special container in the body. Evaporation is achieved by heating from a miniature electric spiral connected to a battery that is built into the body of the weyp. Let’s start with the smallest problem created by regular smoking of e-cigarette in the car.

Glycerine exhaled in the interior, even when the windows are open, tends to settle on the windows. After a while, it may accumulate so much that the resulting film will interfere with the view from the driver’s seat. Experienced vipers advise to periodically wipe the car windows from the inside with a cloth wetted with some cleaning chemicals – “and no problem. Although they do occur.

The fact is that in many regions of our country winter lasts almost six months, or even longer. In severe frost on the highway to keep the car window open is a very original activity. That’s what fans of electronic cigarettes glycerin or propylene glycol clubs “blow” right into the cabin, which is a great way to reduce visibility, creating the conditions for a serious accident.

But perhaps the most obvious danger coming from a Viper Driver is that electronic cigarettes can explode. Or rather, not them, but their batteries. Among the typical causes of an explosion of the e-cigarette’s battery are manufacturing faults, short circuits, insulation damage, reduced resistance of the heating spiral, liquid getting on the Veip’s battery, etc.

Explosions of e-cigarette batteries are recorded quite often. As a result, smokers remain with broken teeth, bleeding wounds from splinters and serious burns if the vip is traitorously burnt in his pocket.

It is not difficult to imagine what will happen after the e-cigarette explodes in the mouth of the car driver – the accident is almost guaranteed. So, having noticed that the steering wheel of the neighboring car blissfully emits a club of smoke, you should stay away from it just in case.

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