Monogamous Relationships

Despite the fact that we are all intelligent people, quite often we are surrounded by feelings and emotions that not everyone can cope with. We are talking about such a wonderful feeling as love, which kidnaps a person and makes him or her commit unexpected actions. The logical conclusion of a successful romantic relationship is a wedding where a man and a woman belong together.

It’s a broader society that opens itself up to people and their relationships, as well as everyone’s relationships with everyone. It must preserve the communication of all the goods produced by nature for general use, with distinction: the goods that civil law and law impose on individuals will be in their exclusive possession, because established as in the case of others, they will have a Greek proverb that all friends meet.

A monogamous relationship is an interaction between a man and a woman that in no way allows betrayal or love in relations with another person. On this basis, the family is maintained, which is not only an individual of society, but also a place where children are born and raised. Therefore, a true relationship between a man and a woman must be based solely on love and mutual respect.

Even closer ties belong to the same city: many things have a city’s inhabitants: a hole, temples, arcades, roads, laws, traditional rules, courts, electoral laws, as well as habits and friendships and many business relationships with many. But more intimate is the relationship in a family group, so with this vast society that includes humanity, enters a small narrow circle.

Evaluation of the starting amounts in the universes of general societies. The first is what is visible in the society of all mankind. Weichinger, Philosophy “as if”, tr. this is Rome. This term was used by lawyers to indicate that the situation is considered to be the same as another: in fact, it carefully analyzes many meanings of the term, analyzing the thoughts of the scientists who worked on it.

However, according to psychologists, not every person is ready for a monogamous relationship, because you have to grow to that level. In early youth, most young people usually have a lot of romantic relationships with different girls, because sometimes it is difficult for a person to put their feelings in order. Today he likes one girl, tomorrow another, and lack of experience and seriousness leads to superficial relationships.

There is nothing wrong with that in early youth, because during this period of time a person is looking for his soul mate, with whom he intends to spend his whole life. However, during this period, relationships between people have been established and shaped. In the future, it will be their views that will determine the ability to behave in a particular life situation.

It is, of course, a possibility to meet another person in the future who has no objection to a romantic relationship with someone connected with marriage. Therefore, the fundamental approach of the person himself to such a situation is essential here.

In our country, it is traditionally believed that monogamous relationships are the basis for a good and dignified life. If we take the East and many Muslim countries, then polygamous marriages are allowed, that is, when one man can marry several women officially. Most interestingly, most women in the East agree with this state of affairs because Muslim faith allows a man to have up to four wives.

Human relationships are so broad and diverse that for their study and understanding it is necessary to study at the faculty for a long time. The most important thing is to understand that under no circumstances can one draw superficial and quick conclusions by condemning the act of another person.

Of course, for each of us, monogamous relations should become an example of a dignified and proper life, but on this path we may encounter traps to overcome the one to be guided by our own faith and faith.

In Germany, a law on the imperial divorce was passed. Although this is the term ‘monogamy’, we can still say that monogamy has benefited from polygamy. The problem has been solved by many scientists. This explanation, called “male compromise”, refers to the democratic development after the Industrial Revolution, whereby richer and stronger people abandon the practice of polygamy in exchange for the political support of poorer men.

Richard Alexander also saw the monogamous imposition by the state of a way to reduce inequality between men so that everyone could have access to reproductive opportunities.

The family and in vain is not considered a unit of society, it is based on monogamous relationships. Moreover, it is monogamy, as evolutionary scholars believe, has become one of the reasons why man has become bipedal.

History develops as follows. The superior, distant ancestors of humans converged in short-term relationships, after which the female remained with her offspring, and the male went in search of new relationships.

But some couples became more attached to each other, and then the man stayed with the female and helped her take care of her offspring. He sought food, and when he found it, he brought it to his family. It turned out, however, that in the mouth can bring a lot, and then the monkeys ran along all four legs. Then some men guessed that they were bringing food in the not yet formed “hands”, moving on the lower limbs.

Where inequalities are relatively smaller, women prefer monogamy, which allows them to invest better in their offspring. For the children’s generation, Gould, Moab and Simhon always believe that monogamy is the result of an increase in quality rather than in the number of children.

If children have a qualitatively higher value, the wife should also be valuable, unlike many lower quality women. Polygamy is inevitably linked to gender inequality and the UN is therefore opposed to polygamy to promote women’s rights to equality.

Monogamy is very much rooted in traditional Western society. Even today, when women themselves are able to ‘get food’, even when the children are still young, these fears are more likely to rest on the shoulders of the father. This necessarily means that the family is monogamous.

Otherwise, why would the father care for someone else’s offspring? This approach has strengthened the position of monogamy in antiquity, although it is common nowadays for a man to accept other people’s children as his own. But even today, monogamous relationships are considered perfect for raising children.

Sociologists who have thoroughly studied the status of women in polygamous societies support the UN’s findings. For example, in a study on Sudanese women, scientists have concluded that women do not like polygamy at all, but they cannot do anything. Divorce is a de facto right that only men in Sudan have, regardless of the behaviour of their husband.

Reducing polygamy has meant changing social conditions, increasing democracy, reducing marriages, improving women’s education and empowerment.

Polygamy can offer short-term benefits to women living in societies where they have a low level of education and little economic opportunity and where their status is linked to marriage and childbirth, but obviously not in a democratic state where there is gender equality. Consistent monogamy enables men and women to increase their sexual and reproductive freedom.

However, in eastern countries, men may have several wives, because Islam allows this to happen. In countries with Western mentality (Europe, America and Australia) only one marital partner is allowed, and often this is even enshrined in the law.

Although monogamy is a common way of creating a family, cheating among spouses is very common. Psychologists believe that people should “mature” into monogamous relationships, and this is not easy. The fact is, people can have deep feelings for one person at the same time.